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VIMOS combines strong classic features with unique qualities that enable the use of intelligent cameras in areas where one was forced to use a PC until now. But it goes beyond that. In many cases VIMOS will proof the better choice even if the use of a PC is an option - please go on and read why ...

GREAT IMAGE QUALITY : VIMOS is running on the very good intelligent cameras from VISION COMPONENTS. They digitize the image right at the sensor - no long video cables, less signal deterioration. Together with the high quality production cycle and up to date technology these cameras make the ideal hardware platform for industrial image processing - better images, easier image processing .

ROBUST SOLUTIONS : Using a normal PC in a machine comes always with some drawbacks. Unless you use special hard- and software you just donít have a 100% stable and reproducable realtime environment. It is difficult to buy the same PC after a year or even after a few months. Chipsets change so that new drivers must be used, slower processors vanish from the market, even operating systems are not sold after some years. So if the PC crashes after two or three years it may proof very difficult to get all the realtime software running in an other environment. VIMOS is independend from these changes. Vision Components has a tradition in delivering the same cameras over many years without change. The cameras do not run unknown elements of a highly complex operating system while doing the image processing. They run just what is needed - without surprises. And there are no moving parts like harddisks or cooling fans.

FLEXIBLE WORKFLOW : The great advantage of VIMOS is itís fully developed user interface on the intelligent camera itself. Itís possible to use just the camera, a VGA-monitor and a small keyboard to analyze images with various handy tools, to write new user-programs and to configure all the details. Instead of the keyboard a mouse could be used. Or you can use a notebook as the remote-control. Then you can easily transfer images and user-programs between camera an notebook. But the best is the :

TOTAL SIMULATOR : VIMOS is programed portable and does not depend so much on a given hardware. Therefore we are able to quickly move it to interesting new camera-models. And we made it work on the PC ! So you can use images from the harddisk or a webcam or the real images from a VIMOS-camera in the production line and create and test your user-programs on your PC. Instead of being in a noisy and often filthy environment you can tune your programs where you want. With the PC you can send images and programs per eMail and easily install the same setup to many cameras. And if you like, you can use the :

GRAPHICAL EDITOR : This editor makes it really easy to write user-programs. Itís fully integrated with the simulator so that you can configure and test your programs with real images while you are writing them. The editor gives you a modern environment that gives much better an overview over your image-processing then the usual text-style editors. And by the way, it has full undo/redo.

INEXPENSIVE : Another advantage of using VIMOS is the good relation between performance and cost. With the PC you have always to buy a lot of additional components to build a vision system. You need an operating system, a frame grabber, a camera. Often you need additional I/O-cards. Then you need the image-processing software for the PC. And of course you need lenses and illumination for the camera. With VIMOS you are much more flexible. In simple cases you start with about 1.500.- EUR for the full system. But even the most expensive solutions with our system do not approach the cost of a similar system with a PC. The cameras have industrial I/Os and do not need a frame-grabber. Some of them come with integrated illumination and lenses. They do not need an additional operating system. And since there is such a broad range of supported cameras we can satisfy your needs even if you need :

HIGH PERFORMANCE : We support the new cameras that are based on the fast signal processors from Texas Instruments (R). These cameras got fast data paths and very highspeed processors. They are idealy suited for our new image-processing tools that provide complex operations to solve tasks that until now required expensive special hardware.

OPEN ENVIRONMENT : Most VIMOS-versions are able to call external modules that are programed by the user. So if you have the C-source of a powerfull or application-specific operator and you want to avoid the trouble to write all the surrounding software - just use VIMOS ! The interface is simple but powerfull. You have access to our internal data-structures and your module will behave almost as a normal operator. By integrating your module into VIMOS you get all the functionality as for instance a graphical user-interface, configurable I/O, handy tools for image inspection, software protection and of course the other image-processing functions.

SUPPORT : VIMOS is a German-Bulgarian coproduction. That enables us to combine competent support from Germany with fast programing services from Bulgaria. If you are missing an operator for your special project we may just add it. With our experience in programming these cameras it may well prove more effective to let us write the programs for you ... VIMOS-programs, programs for VC-cameras, PC-programs and others - please ask.

For more information on the many sides of VIMOS please read the FEATURES and the DETAILS pages and get the documents from our DOWNLOAD page. Please read the ĎGetting startedí chapters and start playing with editor and simulator on the PC. A good start would be to load and modify some of our demo-programs. If you need assistance, please CONTACT us.

Itís incredible what can be done with pictures. We wish success !

The information may be outdated or accidentally wrong and is given without guarantee. (C) 2002 J. Beutel

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