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Just some suggestions what VIMOS can do for you. If you DOWNLOAD the examples you’ll see how.

Check for completeness

Use VIMOS to make sure there are exactly 6 bottles in the pack ... use correlation, object recognition, blob analysis or just edge counters to look for patterns, shapes or edges on straight, circular or freeform tracks ...

Measure critical distances

Use VIMOS to check if the material you receive is within tolerances or to control your own production ... use different kinds of edge-detection, contour following with subpixel precision, correlation and blob analyses to do it.

Improve the quality of your production

Use VIMOS to make sure the things you ship are fully assembled, manufactured within tolerances, correctly placed into the box and got the right label on it ... there are over 120 tools to help you ...

Determine rotation and position

Use VIMOS to track objects, find their reference points, turn them to plug into other parts or compare them to known good references ... the ability to combine different tools into specialized algorithms will make it easy ...

Control machines

Use VIMOS to communicate and let the camera control part of the machine ... exchange information between cameras, with PCs, PLCs or other hardware using tools for flexible message creation and handling the PLC-lines ...

Read barcodes, numbers and letters

Use VIMOS to read printed information like ECC200 Data-Matrix codes, barcodes, numbers and letters. Since you can use all the other tools for image-preprocessing and to possition the reader it is very flexible ...

Prevent wrong or inproperly installed parts

Use VIMOS to check the position, orientation and shape of objects in your production to make sure everything is as it has to be ... compare actual parts to known good references, ckeck brightness, color and surface quality ... 

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