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Details : VIMOS is an image-processing system for intelligent cameras. Its main goal is to use the ever increasing power of cost-effective embedded hardware to provide a solution that is as universal as a PC solution. Most embedded systems come as black boxes and need a PC to provide an easy to use user-interface for configuration. Or they have some means to control some parameters, but then they often lack universality. You can use VIMOS in that way were it is usefull, but if you need it VIMOS provides the tools to create your own graphical user-interfaces (GUI) - on the camera itself. The example you see to the right is displayed by the camera and the user can use the controls by using a mouse, a keyboard or a touchscreen.

All the parts : While it is possible to do almost everything without a PC, there is a lot of PC-software to make things even easier. VIMOS has an Editor that works with icons representing all the tools (see the example to the right) and a Simulator that runs (almost) the same source-code as the cameras, so that you can create and test your applications without having one.

The Simulator works with a lot of different image sources including life video from a USB-camera, AVI-movies and so on. One option is to work with sequences of still images from the harddisk. These images can be received via eMail or be created with the automatic recording tool that is able to receive image data from a working VIMOS camera. You can configure your program so that it sends only images whenever an error happens and then use the Simulator to find out why ...

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